Education and Experience Life

Education and Experience Life

1. Education is very important in life.

2. Education gives much better experience of life and focus ahead on future events.

3. Experience is very useful and it can be applied and shared with other people.

4. Education and Experience of life can easily help to achieve goal.

5. Both encourage and initiate ambitious of success of life.

6. As nation development education has always its significance.


Advantage of Physical Activities to student

Advantage of Physical Activities to student


Advantage of physical and Sport Activities

1. A well night sleep and better body shape can be achieved through physical activities.

2. Fitness levels of body is highly important and is necessarily of human life. It initializes new innovation skills.

3. Exercise and physical activities deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues and it pushes cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

4. Reduction of 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, risk of some cancers and increases chances of living longer.

5. Sports activities develop discipline and learning skills.

6. Ability of team building and leadership skills to tackle goal with other team members.

7. Strength of body bones, muscles and good ability to handle winning and less losing while being at sports.

Olympiad Skills

Olympiad Skills


Olympiad is a basic academic skill test that can be utilize for students of
different or same school to determine approxiate student academic perfomance.

Olympiads exam focus on knowledge skills, good learning skills, basic skills and an inner motivation of success.

Olympiads exam has very demanded approach to put student in growing environment.

Different subjects comes in circle of olympiads exam and though better opportunity for students to gain wide knowledge.

Olympiads help student to focus on those subjects which may need more attention for improvement.


Modern Industry Contribution and Education

Modern Industry Contribution and Education

Education is the doorway to next generation comfort and opening new learning of methods and conclusions.

Modern Industry is looking for the better of education sector work process.

People are now taking courage to spread education to the most edge area of nation.

It will be a great success when modern industry will observe the each remark for promoting of education sector.

Leadership, innovation, honesty and positive attitude comes through education.

All people are entirely indirectly or directly depend on education for attaining their life goal.

Most valued person is who know how to utilize education for others.


Rural Education

Rural EducationEducation is the doorway for accessing knowledge and true facts about this wider world.

In the absence of similar status of education in rural areas, the chance of unemployment, under skilled person and lack of innovation environment may be diluted in rural areas.

People of rural areas begin to eye on town, cities and developed cities for better start up of life.

Until better infrastructure, major resources and well monitored education program is not implemented then how

Rural education supports better quality of person to person thoughts and invokes an initiative of learning and teaching to more needed people.

Rural educations address issues of development, health awareness, and equality to all and eliminate negative thinking about society.

Finance Olympiad

Finance Olympiad


It is all about Olympiad of finance studies.

Finance studies basically gives option to get basic knowledge of economics, montery management and current financial sytem.

Students will also fimilar about investments, markets, international and national policies.

It will be an excellent opportunity to be part of competition where students can know there IQ on subject of olympiads.

It will definitely may be good reference for future when engage in finacial courses.


Digital Literacy a growth step for future

Digital Literacy a growth step for future

Digital Literacy is knowledge and skills used in electronic digital devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs that are used more for networking and communication.

Today there is rush of gadgets like touch screen phones to laptops and tablets. All is about how to utilize these resources in daily life.

Rural development can be well forced through digital literacy program. Rural areas need strong focus on digital literacy program.

Digital literacy can help rural people through it emphasis how to use digital devices in daily lives.

Rural area’s development can be best through digital literacy as it helps fast and reliable communication in rural areas.

Rural area can be more aware of health issues and focus on eliminating the health problems through starting of birth of child.

Easy banking can be held through digital literacy and which save a lot of time.

Children can easily take updates from education syllabus, also E-learning, E-books and E-tuition classes can be possible through Digital Literacy.

People can easily apply various schemes through online.

Achievement Gaps of Education

Achievement Gaps of Education

1. When children is ready to enroll in education it’s duty of parents and teachers to monitor activities that help student to remain in education environment.

2. Look into the future prospective of student it is necessary to create a well planned environment for study.

3. Factors on which education depends are financial issues, interest of students and lack of educational environment.

4. Every node of education system be thoroughly revised and put all efforts for keeping in mind of student growth skills.

5. if teachers are friendly, positive attitude and right decision maker than student can be long live in education system.

Classroom Managment

Classroom Management

Classroom Management is way to conduct and facilitates academic and social-emotional learning.

The goal of classroom is to optimize student learning and activities that promote problem solving skills.

Allocation of timings is best technique of teaching, learning and routine classroom procedures.

Ignoring of students when their behavior is undesirable and approving when seems that their behavior is optimistic.

Monitoring of student carefully and frequently so any misbehavior can be located and measures unless it is viral to other students.

Assisting student for solutions of their questions.

Appreciation through encourages students for appreciation in their effort for accomplishments and self learning.

Quick quiz through to go over what individual student learnt and allot some time for student.

National Interactive Science Olympiad

The National Interactive Science Olympiad are promoted by EHF through coordination with school. Participants are students of different schools and will be get chance to prove themselves and top score will be awarded.The Concept of NISO is to create a self awareness about science topics and enhance science interesting facts in academic duration of students. An level of know  Intelligence Quotient (IQ) can be vast through this major opportunity.

Benefits Of NIMO to students and Teachers

1. It is a part of Non profit Organization so when it comes to society improvement it act as catalyst.

2. An inter competition among student of different school is unavoidable as it unleash the pre assume IQ level of students and also teacher gets fresh topic in which student concept is not cleared.

3. Olympiad bring students in a single exam pattern that is spread almost over the nation.

4. Successful Olympiads topper awarded will always be count as achievement in his or her life. It will be appreciated over many steps of life.

5. Parents and teachers can easily evaluate performance of student and major steps can be easily taken in the weak areas of education.

6.  Education also teaches to gain knowledge and Olympiads are also to extract knowledge for particular topics.

7. Teacher are always remembered before and after Olympiads as they are only the person who evoke self learning and competition skills.Specific teachers also awarded with respected gifts.